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Since beginning in 1969 selling antique jewelry in the Antiquarius Market, Chelsea, now with over 50 years of experience, Butler and Wilson have come to define bold, glamorous crystal costume jewelry for generations of women, families and loyal consumers. The ability to change with the times and fashion over the years has made Butler and Wilson "Costume royalty" (British Vogue). Led by the charismatic, design visionary and original founder, Simon Wilson, Butler and Wilson have long led the conversation about how best to accessorize with collections of original, handcrafted pieces that inspire, enhance and always tell a story.

Still housed in the flagship Fulham Road boutique, the first store opened in 1972, Butler and Wilson have always transcended fashion trends to stay true to their whimsical yet decadent vision, while staying at the top of every cultural zeitgeist. stayed. From the signature billboard campaigns of famous movie faces, including Catherine Deneuve and Faye Dunaway (the first jewelry company to do so), the crystal jewelry as a defining look for screen characters like the 1980s TV hit Dynasty, in collaboration with runway designers Giorgio Armani to release a limited edition collection to celebrate the opening of Buckingham Palace to the public and an anniversary show in support of Breast Cancer Care - Butler and Wilson's many memorable moments are chronicled in two book editions, which also use the jewelry images to the dramatic changes in fashion over the years.
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