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D'Orlan Jewelery Ltd. was founded in 1957 in Toronto, Canada by Maurice Bradden. Bradden previously trained with French jeweler Marcel Boucher, who founded the Marcel Boucher & Cie Company in New York City in 1937. The craftsmanship and details of the jewelry produced with D'Orlan's Boucher molds are of high quality. In 1984, D'Orlan Jewelers Ltd. a partnership with the Nina Ricci companies in Paris, France (known worldwide in the fashion industry for French designs and French luxury goods, including perfumes). Together, they developed a highly regarded plating process with a 22-carat triple-plated finish on a pewter base metal that ensures consistent color. This process is also incorporated in Nina Ricci's jewelry. D'Orlan and Nina Ricci costumes and precious jewelry are sold all over the world in Nina Ricci Stores, in luxury department stores and boutiques.
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